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Canadian made products are few and far between in

today’s global economy, and we are committed to

providing Canadian made products in order to keep

the ‘made in Canada’ market alive.

Each item is locally made and finished on site, at our


Have pride in knowing that your item was hand crafted

locally with love and care and not factory mass-produced.

Each piece that we provide is handcrafted using low V.O.C.

(Volatile Organic Compounds) finishes, stains, and inks which

are environmentally responsible products that deliver beauty

and protection, while meeting the most stringent environmental

regulations. We also use non-toxic, water-based paints and

glue. Most items are made from recycled wood; all of which to

help reduce the environmental impact.

Help us contribute to cleaning up the environment, by turning

old into new.
Order a ‘VASSdesign’ product today!


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I also recommend checking out my alternate web site which caters specifically to Polar Exploration and my related Art.


For more info click here:

BEHIND THE CRAFT ~ Pete Vassilakos


Pete Vassilakos

Artist/Time Traveler


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